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Wellbeing support

We are located together in the administrative building. Students and parents are welcome to access us during school hours. The Wellbeing Coordinator and Wellbeing Support Officer are here full time.

The School Nurse is here on a Wednesday and Friday.

The Mental health practitioner is at the college Monday to Thursday.

For general support please email

How can we support you?

At times life can be difficult especially if you are having some personal or family problems and often having someone to listen can be helpful. We can also support you in sorting out any issues you may be having with friends, family, teachers or subjects.

Kate Zimmer

Assistant Principal - Wellbeing & Student Achievement

Melissa Davies

Sub School Leader - Special Provisions & Student Learning Support

Steph Pitt

Wellbeing Coordinator

Colin Cole

Wellbeing Support

Dylan Smith

Youth Worker

Jess Petrolo

Mental Health Practitioner

Roz Devilee

School Nurse

How we work

Underpinning the way we work are a set of restorative values that guide the teaching, learning and nurturing of relationships as well as supporting staff, students and the school community as a whole.


We are confidential, which means that anything discussed with you will not be discussed with anyone without your permission.

Should you be in danger of harming yourself or someone else then we would need to inform a parent or guardian. This would be done with permission if possible.

District staff such as psychologists can be accessed through the College to support students. We also link and work with many community agencies.

Special Provision

Special Provision provides eligible students with the opportunity to participate in and complete their secondary schooling studies. It aims to ensure that the most appropriate, fair and reasonable arrangements and options are available for students to demonstrate their capabilities when their learning and assessment programs are affected by illness, impairment or personal circumstances.

If you think you may be eligible for special provision or would like further information, please contact Melissa Davies