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Deakin Trade Training Centre


The Deakin Trade Training Centre is a part of Mildura Regional Trade Training Centres that have been established to help increase the proportion of students achieving Year 12 or its equivalent. The Program aims to address the national skills shortages in traditional trades and emerging industries.


Mildura Senior College is the Lead School for eleven schools in the region who formed a consortium to make an application to the Commonwealth Government for Trade Training Centres in Schools funding. The schools that form the consortium are;


The first indications that something special sits with Mildura Senior College can be seen from the surrounding streets, here glimpses of a brightly coloured form can be caught between trees. The approach obscures views of the facility until the arrival at the main entrance where unusual forms and a playful palette present visitors with a celebration of the trades. In highlighting trade training Deakin strives to improve student retention and outcomes by creating an engaging environment of learning. While centre seeks to be visually appealing it’s also a functional and flexible building dedicated in providing students with a practical state-of-the-art facility

Workshop / Classrooms

The Trade Training Centre has a number of practical workshop / classroom spaces with up to date equipment to support the learning of trade subjects. These spaces include: