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Enid Borschmann Scholarship

Enid Borschmann was a highly respected teacher and principal, her scholarship aims to provide disadvantaged students with financial assistance to attend an australia university.

The Enid Borschmann Scholarship is aimed to support disadvantaged students to attend University. The Scholarship value is $10,000 each year for three (3) consecutive years.

Enid Borschmann was the Principal of Mildura Senior College from 1980 – 1989. After her passing in 2020, the Enid Borschmann Scholarship Trust was established in 2021 as a beneficiary of her estate.

To be an eligible candidate for this Scholarship, you must be a student currently studying Year 12 VCE at Mildura Senior College and intending to accept a University offer for commencement or deferment of Tertiary Studies the following year.


SEPTEMBER 30, 1932 - OCTOBER 12, 2020

Commencement Ceremony Awards

Freeman Mathematics/Science Scholarship $560.00
Yr 11 female doing science/maths in yr 12 and uni. $560 credited to account. Last one in 2022

Monash Rural Health Award $200.00 Mildura City Heart Voucher
Outstanding contributions in Health & Human Development or Biology and who show an interest in, or is active in Community Engagement. Monash supply us with a city heart voucher and a plaque.

MSC Leadership & Teamwork Award $250.00
Highest degree of Team Leadership. $250 gets credited onto their school account

MSC Sports Star $1000.00
Outstanding student in sport. $100 gets credited to their school account

Paige-McCarthy-Beard Award $100.00
For overcoming adversity to stay at school with determination and courage in the pursuit of academic achievement. $100 credited to their school account.

The Chaffey Brothers’ Award – “Mildura / Upland Sister City Association – Keeping the dream alive” $250.00
For a student that tries through all their adversities to achieve their dream. Mildura has a unique relationship with Upland in California, in that the Chaffey Brothers set up the irrigation systems in both cities. The agreement to form a sister city relationship with Upland was signed in Mildura on 28th November 1969, to foster ties between young and older residents of both cities. Already donated for 2020 Ceremony, money deposited onto students school account.

Mildura Senior College Pathway and Transition Award $200.00
For a student who is strengthening their future Pathway opportunities by undertaking additional work opportunities whilst undertaking year 11 and 12. Possible Pathways strengthing commitments could include – work placement, SBAT, Work Experience, Managing school and larger work commitments ect. Money deposited onto their account

Mildura Senior College Outstanding Achievement Award $250.00
For a student that has achieved A+ results, excellent attendance and participation throughout the year. Check if they also did a Year 12 subject – SMT can do these checks and give names. If more than one then they all get the award.

Graduation Awards - Year 12 Students

Jason Gowers Sports Star Award – $250.00
The Jason Gowers Sports Star Award is awarded to a Year 12 student who has shown outstanding talent and leadership in a range of sports that are offered within the College. Jason Gowers was a student at Mildura Senior College in 2005/06, having previously attended Merbein Primary and Secondary Schools. He was studying a commerce degree in Adelaide until his tragic passing in November 2010. Jason was a talented swimmer who represented his schools at Northern Zone Swimming in consecutive years from 2001 to 2006 and at State Swimming Championships from 2004 to 2006.

WB Hawson Award – certificate only
The WB Hawson Award is awarded to the student who has clearly demonstrated the pursuit of personal excellence through their perseverance and tenacious hard work.

Merbein Community Bank – Community Involvement Award – $500.00
The Merbein Community Bank – Community Involvement Award is presented to a student who has demonstrated outstanding involvement in the wider community.

La Trobe University – Aspire Community Award – $1,000.00
The La Trobe University – Aspire Community Award is presented to a student who encompasses all the Aspire principals. They are connected to their community in many ways, displaying leadership through community and volunteering work.

Sam Dichiera Memorial Scholarship – $500.00
The Sam Dichiera Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a student who has achieved high results in Automotive Studies and has demonstrated a commitment to further studies with a possible outcome of a career in the automotive industry. Sam Dichiera was a member of the Rotary Club of Irymple and the award recognises his outstanding contribution to Rotary Service and the local Automotive Industry.

The Australian Defence Force Leadership & Teamwork Award – $500.00
The Australian Defence Force Leadership & Teamwork Award is awarded to the student who has demonstrated a high degree of leadership skills whilst operating in a team environment. This student has also demonstrated excellent communication skills, and has taken a leading role in community activities.

Australian Defence Force Future Innovators Award – $500.00
The Australian Defence Force Future Innovators Award is awarded to the student who has demonstrated an aptitude for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) and an eagerness to innovate.

Indigenous Leadership Scholarship – $500 each recipient
The Indigenous Leadership Scholarship is awarded to a male and female student who has been motivated to complete Year 12 to the best of their potential. They have demonstrated commitment to succeeding, role modelling to others, demonstrated the values of our College and a have consolidated pathway plan following their graduation.
This is the first year of the scholarship and is made possible through the MADEC Indigenous Youth Leadership Program

Dux- Slone or Chaffey – $1,000.00
Awarded to student with top ATAR

Monash Rural Health Award – $200.00
Science Faculty award presented in the Faculty awards section

Helen Bowering Award – $200.00
English Faculty award presented in the Faculty awards section. This award is sponsored by the Sunraysia Daily. 

McGlynn Hunt Funeral Scholarship – $1,000.00
Awarded to a student who has demonstrated commitment to the community through volunteering and or a student who has caring responsibilities, sponsored by McGlynn Hunt Funerals