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History of the College

Our college has been closely linked with the development of Mildura since the opening of the Irrigation Settlement by the Chaffey family in the 1880’s.

In 1890, the Governor of Victoria, Lord Hopetoun laid the foundation stone of what was to become the Chaffey Agricultural College. Unfortunately, circumstances took over and the college was not built.

In 1911, the Education Department of Victoria agreed to erect a new High School on the Chaffey College site and Mildura Agricultural High School was officially opened in September 1912.

As student numbers increased over the years, additional buildings were added, and the school celebrated its Diamond Jubilee on the 8th & 9th of September 1972.

Celebrations continued in August 1987, for providing 75 years of Secondary Education in Mildura, and in September 2012, a weekend of Centenary celebrations were enjoyed by past and present students, families, and the community.

In 1990, as part of a strategic plan by the Ministry of Education, Mildura High School was re-named Mildura Secondary College to reflect the changing nature of educational delivery in secondary schools.

Again, as a result of restructuring in education provision, since 1995 the College has been known as Mildura Senior College, catering exclusively to the final two years of secondary education.

Mildura Senior College has a long and distinguished history of providing quality educational pathways to thousands of young people that have lived in the Sunraysia area.

We are very proud of our history at the college and an array of memorabilia is kept on display in the library. Our Administration Building, one of the original buildings erected in 1912 has walls lined with honour boards, student soldier memorials and historical plaques dating back to 1912.

We have had 17 School Principals over the last 110 years and while some only stayed for a short period, they have all contributed to the success of the college.

Years of Service Name
1912 – 1913 Mr J. McCully
1914 – 1915 Mr J.F. Hill
1916 – 1919 Mr G.A. Osborne
1919 – 1922 Mr. H.H. Revell
1923 – 1933 Mr C.T. Scarff
1934 – 1934 Mr H.G. Henry
1935 – 1936 Mr P.C.W. Langford
1937 – 1942 Mr A.A. Briggs
1943 – 1944 Mr H.G. Henry
1945 – 1960 Mr H.S. Stockdale
1961 – 1966 Mr R. Fincher
1967 – 1980 Mr G.G. Sloane
1981 – 1990 Miss E. Borschmann
1991 – 2004 Mr D.J. Wah
2005 – 2010 Mr D.R. Norton
2011 – 2016 Mr A.J. Ough
2017 - Mrs B.J. Hudak
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