Clontarf Academy

The Clontarf Academy supports Aboriginal boys and operates in partnership with Mildura Senior College. We are focused on encouraging behavioural change, developing positive attitudes, assisting students to complete school and secure employment. Fundamental to this, is the development of values, skills and abilities that will assist the boys to achieve better life outcomes. Through a diverse mix of activities, the fulltime Clontarf staff will mentor and counsel students while the College caters for the educational needs of each student.

To remain in the Academy, students must consistently endeavour to:
  • Attend school regularly
  • Apply themselves to the study of appropriate courses
  • Embrace the Academy’s requirements for behaviour and self-discipline
Academy reward activities gained through school attendance, training attendance and academy involvement include:
  • Regular football games and other activities against Victorian/Interstate Clontarf Academies
  • Dreamtime at the “G” football game in Melbourne
  • Football games in Adelaide and Melbourne
  • End of year and term trips
General Academy activities also include:
  • Morning and afternoon training sessions
  • Murray Cup games and sleepovers once a term
  • Oasis Aged Care gardening projects weekly
  • Parent and partners breakfasts
  • Site visits to local partners and potential future employers