ICT at Mildura Senior College

ICT Support

The college operates an ICT Helpdesk which is located in the library. Students can visit the ICT Helpdesk to get assistance with a range of ICT related issues. In particular students can get help with connecting devices to the College’s wireless network and for assistance with logging onto the College network.

ICT Resources

The College has a broad range of ICT related equipment, including specialist labs of computers and laptop computers on carts. These computers support subjects which require certain software or functions which are not necessarily available on students’ individual notebook/tablet devices.

ICT Services

The college has a range of online services including Compass, Clickview, Email and Moodle. These sites can be accessed using the links at the top of the website.

Bring Your Own Device

The BYOD program allows student to bring their personal laptop or tablet device to the College to use on the college's network.

Our aim is to enable students to achieve the best possible results in their studies and prepare to become confident, capable members of society. We ask for the support of parents and students to ensure that the BYOD program is effective in achieving this goal.

For more details on our BYOD Program click here

The college leaves purchasing of a device up to the family, as long as the device meets the requirements in the college handbook. If you do wish to purchase a device we recommend that you use one of the following suppliers, as they can offer an education discount however any supplier can be used. The purchase of any product is between the supplier and yourself. The College is in no way involved in the transaction or any pre-sale or post sale support.

Preferred Suppliers with Education Pricing

The following supppliers provide educational pricing for BYOD devices that may be used at Mildura Senior College. Click on the links below to see their products.

DET Microsoft Office 365

The department offers students the ability to have an Microsoft office 365 account.
This allows student to store their work on the Microsoft cloud click here for more details.