Accessing Course Outlines on the Parent Portal

Course outlines can be viewed by parents / guardians on the Parent Portal.

Below are the instructions on how to access the course outlines.

Step 1, Logon to the Parent Portal, Please contact the college if you require assistance Logging in please call the college on 03 5021 2911 option 5.

Step 2, When you have logged into the portal, click on "Profile (attendance, Schedule, Reports)".

Step 3, Click on the tab titled "Schedule". This will show the student's full schedule for the selected week.

Step 4, Now you can view all lessons the students has for the week. Select the course that you want to view the course outline for.

Step 5, Click on the tab titled "Resources".

From here, you should now see the course outline for this subject. The course outlines can be downloaded as a PDF file.