VCAL Engage

Student Re-engagement Program

The VCAL Engage program is aimed at re-engaging students into education. This is for students who have been absent from schooling for a significant period of time and not necessarily completed Year 10.

VCAL Engage is designed to re-engage students who would struggle to enter Year 11 in a mainstream VCAL or VCE program. The program is aimed at providing students opportunities to experience success and have an input into their education goals.

Attendance is a key focus, building positive habits of being at school, in class with a readiness to learn. Students further develop their functional numeracy, literacy skills and personal development to assist them in gaining meaningful employment.

VCAL Engage provides a high level of support with a dedicated youth worker, key teaching support and a standalone space to establish a community of support in a safe school environment. Students in VCAL Engage will not automatically be able to achieve a VCAL or VCE certificate. They will be able to gain credits toward VCAL to support transition to VCAL or VCE as appropriate to the individual student’s goals.

A typical VCAL Engage Program will include:

  • VCAL Numeracy
  • VCAL Literacy
  • Personal Development
  • Vocational Education Training (VET) - A range of certificate courses are available through TAFE and school
  • Community engagement through regular excursion outside the school
  • Extra activities including Art, Photography, Community Service, Boxing and Fitness
  • Work experience through structured work placement

“I am learning that it’s not as hard to succeed as it has been for me in 'normal' school”
“I’m getting back into a routine of getting up and going to school”
“I like the extra support I receive in VCAL Engage”