Student Learning Profiles (SLP)

What is the Student Learning Profile (SLP)?

The overall purpose of the SLP is to provide a “snapshot” of student learning at regular intervals during the semester. It will provide students, parents and teachers with a clear (and visual) indication of where the student is succeeding, as well as which areas require improvement.

Teachers will provide students with feedback on their performance, and students should make every effort to improve their rating for the next SLP.

More specifically,

  • The SLP is a cumulative reporting system that monitors student learning.
  • We complete SLPs every 3 to 4 weeks as the degree of success for a student can change quickly.
  • Students will be rated on 3 Key Performance Areas – Work Completion, Demonstrated Understanding and Work Habits.
  • Students will be rated on four levels - Excellent, Good, Satisfactory and Needs Attention. One or more 'Needs Attention' ratings means that the student is at risk of failing the subject.
  • Students will receive a PDF of their SLP via their Compass portal.
  • Parents can view a copy of the SLP via the MSC Parent Portal. The first SLP will be mailed with a copy of the Ratings Matrix.
  • The SLP will show the % attendance rate for each subject, plus attendance at approved school activities. A minimum of 90% attendance is expected.
  • The SLP will also indicate if the student is at risk of not being successful in a subject or subject/s.
  • The SLP should be used as the main discussion point at Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences during the year.
  • The email address of each class teacher and the Sub School Leader will appear on the SLP – parents can use this to contact staff if they have concerns.

Parents are welcome to attend all Parent/Student/Conferences (PST), but Parents should attend the next PST and/or contact the class teacher or Pathways Teacher if the student:-

  • Receives one or more “Needs Attention” rankings in a subject
  • The performance of the student is declining (for example, ratings drop from “Satisfactory” to “Needs Attention”), and/or
  • Ratings remain at “Needs Attention” for consecutive SLPs

A ratings matrix is included below. Work Habits are indicated by the yellow section. The matrix is also used for the end of semester reports.

Please Note:

Once published, all SLPs can be viewed via the Parent Portal. Information about accessing the portal was mailed out to Parents in early February. The dates for when SLPs will be available through the Portal appear on the College Calendar.

Ratings Matrix

To view the current 2021 SLP Ratings Matrix, please click here