SBATs.... What are they?

Start your apprenticeship or traineeship in VCE or VCAL

A school-based appreticeship or traineeship (SBAT) combines training and paid work with your school program. Your SBAT will also give you credits towards your VCE or VCAL certificate PLUS you will have gained units of credit towards a nationally recognised qualification.

Therefore, once you finish secondary school, you will be able to move into a full-time apprenticeship with your employer or take your studies further at TAFE or University.

How does the SBAT program work as part of my school program?

An SBAT is basically a part-time apprenticeship or traineeship, a contract between you, an employer, a training provider and school. SBATs are great way to get your foot in the door to learn the skills needed to work in a particular trade or industry. You can start your SBAT at any time during Year 11 or Year 12.


  • Attend classes at MSC three or four days per week to successfully complete VCE or VCAL. You must undertake four VCE, VCAL and /or VET subjects.
  • One day SBAT— Any day except Thursday
  • Two day SBAT—Tuesday & Wednesday


  • Work at least one or two days per week, which can also include some hours after school or on weekends.
  • You can also work school holidays
  • You will be paid for the hours you work


  • Successfully complete the training modules for the course you are completing
  • Training can be delivered in the workplace or you may go to the training provider two - five days every month.

How does the SBAT fit in with a VCE or VCAL program?

Your SBAT can be included as part of your VCE or VCAL program as one of your five subjects.


  • If you are enrolling in a VCE program, you will receive a Unit 1 & 2 for the first 180 hours of nominal training and a Unit 3 & 4 credit towards your VCE for the second 180 hours of nominal training. The SBAT may provide 10% increment towards your ATAR if you complete enough training over the two years. This is why it can be beneficial to start your SBAT in Year 10 or 11.


  • If you are enrolling in a VCAL program you must complete a VET subject as part of your Year 11 program just in case your SBAT is cancelled during that year, so you don’t put your VCAL certificate completion at risk. You will receive a Senior VCAL Unit for every 90 nominal hours of training you complete as part of your SBAT.

How does the SBAT impact on my VCE or VCAL classes?

SBAT students miss one or two days per week of school so they can attend work with their SBAT employer or to attend training.

You may miss between two to four classes per week depending on the days you are absent from school. To be successful you will need to use your study periods to catch up on all the work you have missed.

How do I complete the training for my SBAT?

The training provider who will deliver the training for the SBAT is chosen by the employer.

The training can be delivered in a couple of different ways.

1. Students are required to attend training at the RTO once every four weeks for between two to five days.

2. Students are given module booklets similar to those given in VET and the trainer assesses the student at the workplace.

VCE or VCAL Student Timetable Explained

This student is out two days each week. They will miss a 90-minute class in the Orange Block, 1 x 60 minute class in Yellow Block and Green Block and 1 x 45 minute class in Blue Block. They will have 1 x 45 minute and 1 x 60 minute study period to assist with catching up on the work they miss PLUS they can attend the Homework Club on Monday afternoons.

I have an SBAT already

If you already have an SBAT and you are enrolling as a new student at Mildura Senior College then make sure you follow these steps:

  • Include your SBAT on your subject selection sheet as one of your five preferences.
  • Provide the information regarding your course, trainer and employer on the right-hand side of the subject selection sheet.
  • Take copies of your training plan, training contract, confirmation of enrolment and any Statement of Results documents you may have.
  • Bring these copies with you to your interview enrolment or email them to the VET Coordinator at

I don't have an SBAT but would like one

If you do not have an SBAT but would like to get one, there are a few things you should do:

  • Research the industry you are interested in and the local employers
  • Complete some work experience
  • Update your resume

SBAT's... What Industries?

You can do a School-based Apprenticeship or Traineeship in any industry as long as you can find an employer. Don’t forget, if you are already working part-time you may be able to convert your job to an SBAT.

If you need help finding one then talk to as many people as possible:

  • Your Friends and family
  • VET or Careers Coordinator at school
  • Workplace Learning Coordinator at NMLLEN
  • Australian Apprenticeship Support Network such as MAS National, ASA or SMGT
  • Work Experience employer

An SBAT is a great opportunity to try out an industry or job before you make the big commitment to leave school.

Skill Shortages and Non-Traditional Trades

Don’t just focus on the main trades like Carpentry, Electrical and Hairdressing. The range of opportunities are huge….. Think outside the square!... GIRLS can be mechanics and engineers..…. BOYS can be nurses and hairdressers……. What are the skill shortages in Sunraysia?……. What are the jobs in the future?

Helpful Contacts and Information

Apprenticeship Support Aust. Gena Grant 1300 363 831
MAS National Breece Stephens 5023 6166
NMLLEN Rod Martin 5021 3266
SMGT Kylie Mackay 5022 1833
SWL Portal Click Here
SBAT Guide CLick Here

SBAT's... Where can they take you?

Connor Carter

2019 Victorian Training Awards finalist - Agricultural Mechanical Technology

Qualification - Certificate III in Agricultural Mechanicl Technology
Employer - CBM Mechanical
Trainer - SuniTAFE

In 2017, Connor had a work experience placement with Chris Mitchell at CBM Mechanical as he had always enjoyed working on engines, although it had mostly been with motorbikes. Afterwards, he approached Chris about an SBAT, which he started in Year 11 as part of his VCAL program. He worked two days per week for the mobile mechanical service, working on farm vehicles, tractors and trucks. Connor has been able to inspire other students, especially our local Koorie students who participate in the Clontarf program. In 2019, he completed Year 12 and was nominated for the Victorian Training Awards as well as the SCN Sunraysia Excellence Awards in the SBAT Category. Connor currently works as a full-time apprentice with Chris, continuing to develop his skills in the automotive industry.

Hayley Kellett

2018 National World Skills winner—Retail Baking (Bread)

Qualification - Certificate III in Retail Baking
Employer - Deakin Bakery
Trainer - Federation Training

In 2014 Hayley started her SBAT in Year 12 with Deakin Bakery completing a Certificate II in Food Processing (Retail Bakery). She combined early mornings with working one full day per week. In 2015, now a full-time apprentice, Hayley had success at the Great Vanilla Slice Triumph coming 3rd. Earlier this year she won GOLD for Retail Baking at the National World Skills Australia completion in Sydney.

Bethany Simpson

2017 Australian School-based Apprentice of the Year, Australian Training Awards

Qualification - Certificate III in Business
Employer - SMGT
Host Employer: Boulevard Motor Inn
Trainer - Murray Mallee Training Co. Ltd

Bethany started her SBAT in Year 11. She fast-tracked her training so she was able to take up the offer of a La Trobe VCE Plus program in Business Foundations (1st year subject of the Bachelor of Business Degree) in Year 12. She is now working full-time with SMGT while completing a Business Degree part-time.

GET VET Bethany Simpson Flyer:

Elliot Grayling

2015 Victorian School-Based Apprentice of the Year, Victorian Training Awards

Qualification - Certificate III in Electrotechnology
Employer - Grayling Electrical
Trainer - SuniTAFE

Elliott combined his SBAT with his VCE. He started his SBAT In Year 9 and excelled so much he went on to win numerous Awards including SuniTAFE’s Apprentice of the Year. He was the youngest apprentice in Victoria to be awarded his Electrical Licence.

Joel Schwarz

2013 Australian School-based Apprentice of the Year, Australian Training Awards

Qualification - Certificate III in Automotive Mechanical Technology
Employer - Sunrise AG
Trainer - SuniTAFE

Joel combined his SBAT with a VCE program. He attended his workplace two days per week and school on the other three days. After Year 12 he worked with Sunrise AG full-time completing his apprenticeship and still works with the company today. Joel was very busy after his win at the Australian Training Awards, becoming both a judge and a mentor for the Victorian Training Awards as well as travelling to China.

The Diesel Mechanic: Joel’s Story:

Need more information?

Linda Snoxall (VET Coordinator) Phone: (03) 5021 2911 Email:
Melissa Trembath (VET Administration Officer) Phone: (03) 5021 2911 Email:
Nick Goodieson (Transition to Work Coordinator) Phone: (03) 5021 2911 Email: